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ACT-Experts – Applied Carbopn Technology GmbH

ACT-Experts – ACT Applied Carbon Technology GmbH
ACT is based in Lemwerder, Lower Saxony (Germany). The company specializes in technical consultancy related to composites engineering and production, especially for wind rotor blades.

ACT was founded in 2018 out of Carbon Rotec, a prestigious composites wind blade manufacturer and an expert in carbon fiber materials in the German wind industry. Thousands of rotor blades have been manufactured at the production site in Lemwerder, most of them within 24 hour cycle time.

We are proud of our more than 35 years of experience in rotor blade design and production.



Year 2020


China: Carbon process development

Year 2017

Year 2015

Innere Fusion

Mathematical method for process prediction

Year 2011

Innere Fusion

Inner fusion

Year 2010

Elektrische Heizung

Electric heating

Year 2006

Vakuuminfusion Carbongurte

Vacuum infusion carbon belts

Year 2005

Formen und Vorrichtungen

Moulds and devices

Year 2000

24h Zykluszeit

24h cycle time in infusion process