ACT Experts

House of Design

Our House of Design applies theoretical tools and well-established development programs to:

  • develop rotor blades and fiber composite structures
  • create drawings
  • provide programs for statistical analysis of production and quality
  • simulate manufacturing processes
  • assess damages to rotor blades and find repair strategies

Integrated into a network of academic researches and industriel players, ACT always finds the best solutions for our customers.


House of Design
Methods & Design
  • Aerodynamics
  • Load simulation
  • Design composits
  • Material and product development for fibre composites
  • Production and process optimization
Moulds & Jigs
  • Support for construction
  • Specifications
  • Organisation of production
  • Supervision of production
Material & Quality
  • Characterisation and qualification of materials
  • Process capability studies
  • Quality analysis and statistical evaluations
  • Quality instructions and inspection plans
  • Nesting of processes and material flow
  • Employee deployment
  • Temperature and curing development in laminates

Full technical support along the entire value chain