ACT Experts

Core Team

Miao Lin

Managing Director

Miao Lin, J.D. (University of Kansas)

  • Co-Founder and Managing Director of ACT.
  • Miao Lin is experienced in SME management, corporate transactions and financing.
  • Prior to joining ACT, Miao worked for leading international law firms in Germany and Hong Kong.
  • She is a lawyer licensed in England and Wales, New York (USA), Kansas (USA) and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Klaus-Peter Jaquemotte


Dipl. Ing. Klaus-Peter Jaquemotte

More than 34 years of experience in aerodynamics and composites:

  • Carbon light weight structures for airplanes
  • Research and development of rotor blades for wind and tidal energy
  • Prefab and preform technologies, infusion and curing optimization and advanced mould design for cycle time reduction
  • Development of carbon spar caps for rotor blades
  • Nesting procedures for work and material flow


Senior Technology Consultant

Dipl. Ing. Fred Koch

Over 28 years of experience in the entire environment of fibre composite structures, including 21 years in the production and quality control of rotor blades for wind turbines:

  • Over 12 years of experience in the management of rotor blade production in Germany
  • Knowledge and experience in setting up and organising production facilities for rotor blades
  • Prototype production and "ramp up" to serial production
  • Project coordination as well as planning and tracking of cost and quality targets
  • Continuous improvement and development of new production processes and materials for rotor blades
  • Trainer and supervisor in blade production


Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Schauder

Senior Technology Consultant

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Schauder

More than 14 years of experience in rotor blade production and manufacturing logistics:

  • Cutting and nesting of materials, preparation and transportation to the production
  • Process management of blade productions with the focus on transportation and material flow
  • Specialist in application of coatings and final assembly of rotor blades
  • Training and production supervision on the shop floor

Sergej Plotnikow

Senior Technology Consultant (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt)

Sergej Plotnikow

More than 13 years of experience in rotor blade and racing car production:

  • Process management and optimization of blade productions to achieve best quality and 24h cycle time
  • Lean six sigma projects for cycle time reduction and to minimize waste
  • Specialist in carbon infusion of rotor blades and racing cars chassis
  • Training and production supervision on the shop floor

Marco Greul

Senior Applied Technology Consultant (Master of Rotor Blade Production)

Marco Greul

More than 13 years of experience in rotor blade and mould production:

  • Production of moulds with water and electrical heating systems
  • Head of workflow organization in the green body production and finish processes
  • Specialist in RIM application and application of coatings
  • Training and production supervision on the shop floor

Xinhua Xu

Senior Engineer & Head of China Desk

Xinhua Xu

Over 13 years of experience in the production, technology and business management of rotor blades for wind turbines:

  • Development of manufacturing processes and material applications for rotor blades
  • Production management for the serial production of rotor blades
  • Management of a major Chinese rotor blade manufacturer