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Service - Rotor Blade Design

In addition to many years of experience in the design of rotor blades for wind turbines, we have in recent years developed carbon rotor blades for tidal energy.

  • Due to the thousand fold density of water compared to air, carbon fiber becomes the ideal material for tidal blades.
  • They are designed with a passive pitch, i.e. a bending-torsion coupling, for load reduction at higher flow speeds.

Our blade design service covers from aerodynamics to static and dynamic strength of rotor blades:

  • Full range of design service
  • In accordance with European and/or international standards
  • Use of our network to support or verify critical design points
  • Integration of our design documents with the production plan

On request, we also support the design of moulds and tools and will bear the responsibility of prototyping.


Grafische Darstellung des Deformationsverhaltens

Graphical illustration of the deformation behaviour

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