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Are you looking for a partner to support the development and production of rotor blades?                     
Do you want your partner to be familiar with the latest technologies, be capable of developing rotor blades according to the European or international standards, and help you achieve series production in a short time?

Over 30 years of on- and off-shore rotor blade manufacturing and FRP expertise!

Offshore rotor blade

Rotor Blades Are Our Passion

Rotor blades are the energy supplier of wind turbines. The efficiency of rotor blades is critical for renewable energy and a CO2 free future.

We must take blade efficiencies into account when designing and manufacturing rotor blades.

A number of factors play an important role in the energy output and economic success of on-shore and off-shore wind turbines. These include not only the classic design parameters, such as the aerodynamic design and structural design of the fiber composite structure of rotor blades, but also materials and processing of materials, the production methods and processes.



60m mould (1400 demouldings)

Our Vision / Our Mission

Carbon blade tidal energy

Carbon belt made from pultruded plates

We are committed to sustainable energy from wind and hydropower. We focus on one of the main components of energy production - rotor blades.

ACT’s origin can be traced back to SGL, a world leading manufacturer of composite fibers. We have an in-depth understanding of blade materials, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, balsa wood and foams for sandwich constructions, all common resin systems for vacuum infusion and hand laminate, as well as adhesives and coating systems.

Our design philosophy is "Design for Production". We design blades on the premise of high efficiency, high quality and optimal production, from aerodynamics via certification to all necessary production documents.

For the production support, we offer a wide range of services including the production layout, means of production, the production planning and organization, the manual production and training of workers at the production site.  Upon request, we provide support for the entire rotor blade value chain.


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