ACT Experts

House of Operation

All engineers and technicans working in our House of Operation  have many years of practical experience in the production of rotor blades and fiber composite structures.


Our House of Operation focuses on:

  • production management and organization
  • analysis and optimization of manufacturing processes
  • assessment of production and quality by automated or semi-automated tools
  • training of shop floor workers, team leaders, process engineers and quality engineers


House of Operation
  • Production and process planning
  • Work instructions
  • Manufacturing logistics and material flow
  • Lean Production
Analysis and Optimisation
  • Bill of Material
  • Material and consumables bills of material
  • Statistical analyses
  • Production and quality key indicators
  • Cuttings and prefabricated parts
  • "Green body" production
  • Coatings
  • Final blade assembly
  • Continuous production support
  • Repair instructions
  • Quality standards
  • Quality analyses